Potential N. Korea/U.S. Summit Send Gold South

The precious metals complex lost some ground today as international news focuses on the recent story that the U.S. and North Korea are planning on holding a summit. Gold is currently down 0.2 percent today, to $1,318.15 per ounce.

Silver slipped by the same 0.2 percent margin today. Palladium is down just 0.1 percent, and platinum is holding steady at its current level. Base metals are also not seeing much help as safe haven buying is down, with all metals but nickel down today. Nickel posted gains of 0.2 percent. Other losses ranged from Zinc's -1 percent to lead's -0.3 percent. Thursday was generally not a strong day for metals trading, either.

Other markets are not doing too hot on this Friday session either. The yield on U.S. ten-year treasuries is down to 2.87 percent, and the German ten-year bund is also down, to 0.64 percent. Spot Brent crude oil pricing has slipped 0.7 percent to $63.81 per barrel. Only the U.S. dollar is seeing gains on its index today, rising to 90.17.