Gold Returns Last Week's Late Rebound

While March 24th was a good day for gold prices thanks to the FOMC decision to remain dovish regarding upcoming interest rate increases, gold has nevertheless returned its gains from late last week. The precious metal is currently down 0.2 percent to $1,344.89 per ounce.

In other precious metals, silver is essentially unchanged, as is platinum. Palladium is bucking today's trend and received a 0.4 percent boost today. Base metals had a hard trade session today as well, falling by 0.5 percent on average.Copper hit the hardest, plummeting by 1.1 percent to $6,577 per ton.

In international markets, the yield on U.S. ten-year treasuries is at 2.84 percent. The German ten-year bund is posting at 0.53 percent. Pricing on spot Brent crude oil is maintaining recent gains, rising today to $70.27 per barrel, as concerns continue to rise in the Middle East. The U.S. dollar is down somewhat on its index, coming in at 89.44.