For several years only gold and silver U.S. American Eagle coins were allowed as IRA investments. The Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 significantly broadened the allowable exceptions to include Canadian Maple Leafs, Austrian Philharmonics and various other gold, silver, platinum and palladium bullion which meet certain standards. Oxbridge Coins, Inc. provides our clients the ability to invest in Precious Metals through Goldstar Trust Company. Please read the Precious Metals Investment Guide  for more information.

The process can be completed in 3 easy steps:

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    Gold Start Trust, Co.

    Transfer your current IRA or create a new one with Goldstar Trust, Co. You can do this by filling out the Precious Metals Investor Direction Form.
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    Advanced Delivery and Payment

    Fill out the Advanced Delivery Letter and the Advanced Payment Letter to give Oxbridge House the right to transact on your behalf so that the process can be completed as quickly and smoothly as possible.
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    Transaction Confirmation

    As soon so your funds are available, an Account Executive will contact you to schedule an appointment to begin the transaction. Once we lock in the prices for the specific bullion items that will be placed in your IRA, Oxbridge House will finish the transaction with Goldstar Trust, Co. And you will get a confirmation of your completed transaction.

IRA Allowable Metals

Minimum Fineness Requirements:

  1. Currently, gold must be .9950 pure, silver must be .9990 pure, and both platinum and palladium must be .9995 pure to qualify.
  2. Bullion bars must be fabricated by COMEX, NYMEX, or ISO 9000 approved refiners in order to be accepted by GoldStar.
  3. Proof coins must be ungraded, complete with certificate of authenticity and in original mint packaging.
  4. All bullion coins must be uncirculated in excellent condition.

Examples of Allowable Precious Metals


  1. American Eagle coins
  2. U.S. Buffalo Bullion coins
  3. Canadian Maple Leaf coins
  4. Austrian Philharmonic coins
  5. Australian Kangaroo/Nugget coins
  6. Credit Suisse – PAMP Suisse Bars
  7. Various bars and rounds .995


  1. American Eagle coins
  2. Canadian Maple Leaf coins
  3. Austrian Vienna Philharmonic coins
  4. Australian Kookaburra coins
  5. Mexican Libertad
  6. Various bars and rounds .999


  1. Canadian Maple Leaf coins
  2. Various bars and rounds .9995

Examples of Unacceptable Precious Metals

  1. Rare or collectible coins, including certified or “graded” coins
  2. South African Krugerrand
  3. Swiss 20 Franc
  4. French 20 Franc
  5. Belgian 20 Franc
  6. Mexican 50 Peso
  7. Chilean 100 Peso
    1. Italian 20 Lira
    2. Hungarian 100 Korona
    3. Austrian Corona
    4. U.S. Liberty
    5. U.S. Buffalo Proof
    6. Dutch 10 Guilder
    7. British Britannia

Setup Fees & Carrying Costs

Use the examples in the chart below as a guide to calculate fees due when your GoldStar Precious Metals IRA is opened. Please see the Financial Disclosure and Fee Schedule for specific details or call Investor Services for an estimation of annual fees.

One-Time Establishment Fee $25 $25 $25
Annual IRA Maintenance Fee ($60 minimum fee)
(Use Value x .0008 if > $75K)
$60 $80 $120
Annual Storage Fee ($100 minimum fee)
(Use Value x .001 if > $100K)
$100 $100 $150
Transaction Fee $40 $40 $40
INITIAL SET-UP FEES(Due when account is established) $225 $245 $335
RECURRING ANNUAL FEES (Maintenance (+) Storage) $160 $180 $270

Your Precious Metals IRA Maintenance and/or Storage fees may vary in the years to come according to change in account value. These fees are based on the Market Value of your account prior to the billing period.


  1. Maintenance Fees are assessed annually on the anniversary date in which your account is opened.
  2. Storage Fees are assessed annually in the month Delaware Depository first received notification of the metals to be purchased.


For a new investor (with an account value of $75,000 or less) the fees for the first year are $225 (this is due when the account is opened) and $160 each following year. A $40 transaction fee is charged for each subsequent purchase or sale. For a small investment, this can represent excessive carrying costs. Please bear in mind, investments in precious metals do not yield any dividends and these costs must be paid annually in cash by the investor.


IRA assets must remain in the custody of the IRA custodian until distribution, which means that you can?t hold them yourself while in the IRA or determine your own storage facility. Precious metals for GoldStar IRAs are held within one of the two depositories below. The dealer you buy precious metals from usually determines which depository will be used.

Delaware Depository Service Company

Customer bullion is stored in DDSC?s high-security vaults located in Wilmington, Delaware. Vaults are constructed and maintained in compliance with the Bank Protection Act and UL standards, and are equipped with time locks and automatic re-locking devices. Access is restricted and regulated by dual control procedures. The entire facility is protected by numerous, redundant alarm and security devices that are independently monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. All activity in and around the facility is captured on video.

For more information about DDSC, visit

Diamond State Depository

Located directly in the heart of America?s primary business corridor, just on the outskirts of Wilmington, Delaware, Diamond State Depository is the industry?s newest and most modern precious metals and certified coin depository. Diamond State is equipped with the facilities, systems, staff, security and insurance to meet the demanding storage and shipping requirements of both institutional entities and individual investors actively participating in today?s highly dynamic precious metals bullion and certified coin markets.

For more information about Diamond State Depository, visit

Frequently Asked Questions (Precious Metals)

Am I limited to only precious metals in my GoldStar IRA?

Absolutely not. In addition to precious metals, your GoldStar IRA may contain precious metals, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, treasury securities, annuities and other investments. GoldStar does not accept investments in assets unless a fair market value is readily available.

Can precious metals investments be made through my current IRA?

Yes, provided the current trustee or custodian is willing to administer the investment. However, many IRA custodians or trustees are affiliated with an investment provider and are not equipped or willing to handle other types of investments. Others may have difficulty meeting the storage requirements for holding precious metals for an IRA. GoldStar is willing and able.

Can I contribute bullion or coin I already own into a precious metals self-directed IRA?

No. All contributions must be made in cash, except in case of transfers and rollovers.

How do I choose a precious metals dealer?

GoldStar cannot recommend a precious metals dealer to be used. GoldStar does not buy or sell precious metals. Once you choose a dealer and your IRA has been funded you will negotiate the precious metals to be purchased or sold, and the price and terms directly with the dealer. Precious Metals dealers can be found through an internet search. You may also wish to check the Better Business Bureau rating. Click here for more information.

What types of precious metals can I hold in a self-directed IRA?

Click here for a list of allowable and unacceptable precious metals.

Why are US Gold Buffalo Bullion coins allowed, while US Gold Buffalo Proof coins are not?

GoldStar?s policy is based on an unclear description of the gold Buffalo proof coin by the US Mint. Click here to read more.

What fees are currently required with a Precious Metals IRA?

Click here for a guide to calculate fees due when your GoldStar Precious Metals IRA is opened. Please see the Financial Disclosure and Fee Schedule for specific details or call Investor Services at (800) 486-6888 for an estimation of annual fees.
The following administrative fees apply:

  1. Termination / Closing Fee $50
  2. In-Kind Distribution or Transfer-Out Fee $25
  3. In-Kind Precious Metals Distribution is shipped to the client Cash on Delivery (COD)

Can I take possession of my precious metals after investing?

Not while held in the IRA. All IRA assets must remain within the custody of a custodian or trustee of the IRA, which means you may not take custody of the assets yourself or choose your own storage facility. You may, however, take distribution of precious metals assets from the IRA at any time, which is a taxable event reported to the IRS and may also be subject to withdrawal penalties. As always, consult your investment and tax advisors regarding these matters prior to taking any action.

Where are the Precious Metals stored?

Precious metals IRA assets are deposited with the Delaware Depository Service Company (DDSC), which is an Exchange-approved, limited liability company located in Wilmington, Delaware. Depository information can be located at

What forms do I need to get started?

The forms needed to open a GoldStar IRA are the Simplifier, Transfer or Rollover form and the Precious Metals Investment Direction form. Other identification requirements apply.

How long will it take to complete the process?

The normal processing time for a Precious Metals purchase, sale, or in-kind shipment is 30 business days.

My bank IRA is free. Why is there a fee for my precious metals self-directed IRA at GoldStar trust company?

A bank generally has its fee built into the interest rate it pays you. In addition, a bank probably will not allow you to invest in precious metals. Since GoldStar receives no commission from any of your investment actions, separate fees are necessary to cover the costs of maintaining your account.

My statement shows a market value less than I invested.

The fair market value we provide is a bid price or wholesale price used for tax reporting purposes. You could reasonably expect to sale for at least this amount. GoldStar updates this value every two weeks. Any fees or commission paid to your dealer may have been included in your purchase price. Please call your dealer for real-time sale pricing and any fees or commission paid.