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  • Oxbridge House in San Francisco Gate

    Soaring Gold Price Triggers Rush to Jewelry Boxes

    via www.sfgate.com, by Carolyn Said

    "Michelle Dayrit, 27 years old from Fremont, came to Oxbridge House in San Francisco, Calif., to weigh in some gold pieces on Friday, August 26, 2011, and was surprised to find out her gold was worth well over a thousand dollars rather than the hundred dollars she thought it was worth. Gold prices are now twice what they were two years ago." Read More...

  • Yahoo News page

    Top 3 Places to Sell Your Gold In San Francisco

    via Yahoo News, by V. Williamson

    "As the stock market bounces back and forth, gold prices are steadily going up - it's a great time to sell your unwanted gold coins, dental gold, and gold jewelry. Here are three great places in three different San Francisco neighborhoodsthat are ready to help you make a few bucks off your unwanted gold items.Read More...