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If you have items which are not featured below, we will still buy them at a fair and competitive price. Please call us at 877.505.2646.

Packaging Instructions

  1. Package and ship Silver, separately from Gold, or Platinum. 
  2. Keep Coins in original containers. If you don’t have original containers, coins should be placed in flips, or individually wrapped in paper or bubble wrap, and kept tightly together with a rubber band.
  3. Place items inside a box, and fill with old newspaper, popcorn, bubble wrap, etc. so that contents don’t get moved around in transit. Seal the box tightly.
  4. Double box your items in the box of the carrier you are using. Add more filler material to make sure everything is tightly packed in the box.
  5.  Send the package with the carrier of your choice. However, we believe the safest, and most efficient carrier to use is USPS. All packages must be sent with signature confirmation, regardless of the carrier. We recommend using registered mail through USPS, and purchasing insurance. (Note: The maximum insurance amount for USPS per package is $25,000, so if the value of your package exceeds this amount, it would be best to ship items in multiple packages.)


Sell To Us Prices are updated continuously as the spot price changes.
* The final buy price that you will receive will be based on spot the day your coins/bars arrive in our office.