U.S. Real Yields Put Pressure on Precious Metals

Precious metals are seeing essentially no positive movement today, as yields on U.S. ten-year treasuries are seeing significant growth. Only silver posted gains today, rising by 0.3 percent this session.

While the U.S. ten-year treasuries yield is boasting its highest levels since November of 2015, precious metals are at risk of further negative market pressure as market participants expect a boost to the U.S. dollar to reflect the U.S. real rates. Though, thanks to its safe-haven characteristics, it is likely that gold will be resilient in the face of a stronger dollar.

In other metals markets, base metals also took a bit of a hit this Monday, with losses around -0.4 percent on average. While tin broke the mold and rose by 0.3 percent, nickel took the biggest hit today, losing 0.8 percent in one session.