Tuesday Sees Precious, Base Metals Gain Ground

Spot gold is up 0.2 percent today to $1,325.63 per ounce. This is the second consecutive day of growth for the precious metal, following yesterday's momentous 0.8 percent boost.

Today's trading session is looking better all around for both the precious and base metal complexes. Other precious metals are up an average of 0.2 percent, also following average gains of 0.8 percent yesterday. Base metals posted average increases of 0.7 percent today, with copper by far in the lead, up 0.9 percent to $6,924 per ton. Nickel also saw 0.9 percent increases today. Lead posted the least in gains, only up 0.3 percent.

In other markets, the German ten-year bund is holding strong at 0.75 percent, along with the U.S. ten-year treasuries yield, posting at 2.85 percent. Pricing on spot Brent crude oil is looking better at 0.52 percent, or $62.96 per barrel.