Slight Dollar Gains Consolidates Gold

Gold saw itself weakened slightly today as the dollar recovered ever so slightly from its recent low from yesterday. The precious metal is currently down 0.4 percent today to $1,265.15 per ounce.

The precious metals complex, minus gold, is little changed today. In base metals, most are down today, with aluminum as the exception, gaining 0.7 percent to $1,923 per ton. Other base metals are down an average of 0.2 percent. Zinc lost 0.5 percent today, and copper is down to $6,328 per ton, a loss of 0.3 percent.

The U.S. dollar made slight gains today, rising up to 93.01 on its index - a slight improvement on its recent low of 92.78. The euro is looking good at 1.1826 but is beginning to consolidate. In international markets, the price of spot Brent crude oil is steady at $51.41 per barrel. The yield on the U.S. ten-year treasuries is sliding, currently to 2.26 percent.