Precious Meta;s Recover Somewhat

Following some minor losses over concerns of the upcoming U.S. tax overhaul, precious metals are up marginally today. Gold is currently up 0.2 percent to $1,263.88 per ounce.

The rest of the precious metals are up an average of 0.2 percent in today's session. While most metals saw some small dips yesterday, the PGMs closed yesterday's session up 0.3 percent. In base metals, aluminum lost 0.3 percent today. However, the rest of the base metals are up anywhere from 0.3 percent to 0.6 percent. Three-month copper prices rose by 0.3 percent today to $6,955 per ton.

In currencies, the U.S. dollar is at 93.50 on its index, still consolidating above the currency's 20 DMA. Analysts wait to see if the dollar will maintain above 92.50 as an indicator of whether this is a downward or upward trend. The euro is also consolidating at 1.1835. The yen is down at 113.12.