Precious Metals Up, Platinum and Palladium Lead Rises

Precious metals are all generally posting upticks today. Gold is currently at $1,211.90 per ounce, an increase of 0.3 percent.

Leading the other precious metals in gains today is palladium, which is up a hefty 1 percent to $801.70 per ounce. Silver rose 0.6 percent today, and platinum is currently 0.8 percent stronger. Platinum is up for the second day, having posted a 0.4 percent increase yesterday while other metals lost ground.

Prices for spot Brent crude oil are up 0.4 percent today to $50.47 per barrel. The yield for U.S. ten-year treasuries is stronger today, up to around 2.40 percent. The dollar index is showing stability at 99.58 today. The euro has recently dipped from its previous gains following the results of the French popular election - the currency is now at 1.0878, and the sterling is unimpressive at 1.2948.