Precious Metals Post Minor Gains This Session

With U.S. real rates and the U.S. dollar both in negative territory, precious metals are making a minor comeback today, with an average gain of 0.3 percent. Palladium was the weakest in the complex, slipping by 0.2 percent.

In base metals, the session was equally in favor today as with the precious metals. Lead is up 0.1 percent today. Zinc saw only slightly better, at +0.2 percent. However, nickel is the hero, rising 1.4 percent in today's session and taking most of the praise for the complex rising by 0.6 percent on average today.

Market participants expect further short-term gains for both precious metals and base metals in the weeks to come. As the U.S. dollar and real rates fluctuate with recent market instability, safe haven trading continues to be a good investment. However, palladium is seen as the least safe investment as far as precious metals go.