Despite Softer Dollar, Precious Metals Quiet

Monday was marked with generally quiet trading in precious metals, with most metals relatively unchanged, with the exception of platinum which returned 0.3 percent. This despite a significant sell-off at the end of last week due in large part to a stronger dollar.

In base metals, despite a weaker U.S. dollar, the PGMs are posting slight losses. Only aluminum is bucking the trend, up around 1 percent. Thanks to high volume, aluminum is up to 12,760 lots trading today.

As previously mentioned, the U.S. dollar index is down 0.22 percent today, returning much of the strong 0.76 percent appreciation from Friday thanks to some good U.S. labor news. Overall, everyone is expecting today to continue as a slow macroeconomic day, as investors await a speech from Neel Kashkari, a member of the U.S. Federal Open Market Committee.