All Precious Metals Fall Today

Today saw losses for all precious metals, with gold down 0.4 percent to $1,335.02 per ounce. This makes the second consecutive day of losses, following Monday's average decline of 0.7 percent across the precious metals spectrum.

Platinum lost a mighty 0.9 percent today, leading the precious metals losses and averaging losses today to 0.6 percent. Base metals also posted losses today, down on average 0.9 percent across the board. While lead only slipped by 0.1 percent, nickel posted losses of 1.8 percent this trading session.

The U.S. dollar is seeing some bounce back in buying and is currently up to 89.50 on its index. Pricing in spot Brent crude oil slipped by 0.57 percent to $69.01 per barrel. The yield on U.S. ten-year treasuries is looking good at 2.72 percent, while the German ten-year bund is up to 0.69 percent.