Monthly Archives: January 2017

  • Precious Metals Drift Lightly

    Precious metals futures dipped slightly today but were held in a tight range as market participants await the upcoming press conference of Donald Trump. Gold is currently down $0.90 to $1,184.60 per ounce, a loss of 0.1 percent.

    As the U.S. president-elect Donald Trump has been decidedly unclear about the specifics of his future policies, market participation has been brought nearly to a stand-still. However, yesterday's solid U.S. and Chinese data stoked markets, although today showed that those recent gains may be short-lived.

    In data, the German DAX is up 0.3 percent, and the French CAC-40 gained 0.1 percent. The dollar is 0.4 percent stronger to $1.0514 versus the euro.

    In commodities, light sweet crude (WTI) oil futures on the Nymex are up 0.6 percent to $52 per barrel. Copper is down 0.3 cents, or 0.1 percent, to $2.6055 per pound. Silver lost 0.5 percent to $16.77/ounce.

  • Amidst U.S. Uncertainty, Gold Up

    Gold prices are up for another session as uncertainty regarding U.S. leadership and concerns over the upcoming 45th President Donald Trump. The precious metal is currently up 0.6% to $1,182.40 per ounce.

    With Trump's many calls to reduce trade with large, notable partners such as Mexico, and for greater protectionism, have sent market participants into full consolidation mode, sending precious and base metals higher. Still, markets are expected to slow considerably at the end of this month, as the Chinese New Year begins on January 28th.

    Germany's DAX stock index lost 0.6 percent today, followed by France's benchmark CAC-40 which slipped 0.7 percent. The dollar is essentially unchanged at 1.0536 versus the euro.

    Light sweet crude (WTI) oil futures on the Nymex are down 2 percent to $52.93 per barrel. Comex silver is up 0.3 percent to $16.57 an ounce. Copper lost 0.7 percent to $2.5275 per pound.